Booker T Talks His Run For Mayor of Houston, Texas

WWE hall of famer, Booker T declares that he will be the mayor of Houston by 2020 in his recent interview with

Booker T. Huffman is running for mayor of Houston. The WWE hall of famer officially announced last December that he will be running and has some interesting plans for the future of the city. He states , “2020 is going to be a new era in the city of Houston. We’re going to be looked at now from a different perspective. The cool city, 2020 is coming.”

What that entails, Houstonians will have to wait and see but as for now, Huffman revealed to us what these next three years will look like for him:

“Laying everything out on the table. Letting everyone in the city of Houston see the open book of Booker T. Try to change some peoples’ lives. Feed the homeless in the city Houston, you know, the underprivileged, our schools and our lower income areas, that’s what I’m all about right now.”

Booker T has definitely been laying everything out on the table as he’s been very open about his troubled youth and has been a positive source of inspiration on the youth through the art of pro wrestling, charity, and his Reality of Wrestling brand. Watch our recent interview above which is a segment of the full conversation.

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