Neeko Crowe properly reps sampled version of New Person Same Old Mistakes

19-year-old Neeko Crowe bursts into Houston’s sonical landscape with his track, ‘How I Know’, in which the H Town native artist sampled a popular Tame Impala track. ‘How I Know’ is a upbeat jam that has a interesting blend of hip hop, electronic, and indie rock. Neeko’s delivery sounds as if the young emcee has come to a great realization; a realization which he effortlessly conveys in a rhythmic fashion.

“This song is about me turning over a new leaf within my life. Within the past year or so I’ve graduated high school, moved 13 hours from home to Tennessee alone for school, made new relationships, and have re-branded myself as an artist. This song details all of these experiences and places them in a neat and upbeat package and I am releasing it on my birthday [April 10th] as a symbolic message. I am the rapper as well as [the] producer of this song and am using this as my first step in pursuing my career seriously.” – Neeko

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