GLDNi- From Houston With Love

GLDNi is an artist from Houston whose been polishing and crafting his talents. The Outlet stumbled on his project From Houston With Love Original Cuts on Soundcloud. GLDNi is rough, grimy, and very hip hop. The Houston rapper’s flow is simply nasty; relentless and melodic very reminiscent

Twan The Dawn- Pinnacle View

18 year-old rapper from Miami, Florida, Twan The Dawn recently released his track, “Pinnacle View“. The track sounds simply blissful produced by Jeremy JayTheRealist. Twan is a member of Miami’s After Death Society whose artists are seeking to make some changes in hip hop culture.

Bishop Nehru- Fickle Minds

Bishop Nehru is a rising emcee who has caught The Outlet’s attention. He is 19 years old and shows a lot of signs of promise. Signed to Nas‘s record label, Mass Appeal, Bishop has managed to land collaborations with some of hip hop’s veterans. He’s

Giga H.D- A Min

New artist, Giga H.D, emerges out of Palm Beach, Florida with a unique sound that’s ready to change the game. Producing all of his own instrumentals, Giga is a jack-of-all-trades. We can’t help but chuckle at his sound tag that says “Giga, let em know

Marv Pax- Seed of A Base

After the release of his sobering truthful video to the track “2008 Election”, Marv PAX is back like he never left with yet another Ra-Image directed visual, proving them to become an epic duo. In this video PAX warns his son Makaih Semi about trials

LANCE- [B Side Demos EP]

Lance is a rapper from Houston, Texas whose music may come off as awkward or eccentric, but grabs you in with his atmospheric beats, and his simple use of imagery and lyricism. He is a leader of a clique going by the name of “Living In

Riven- N o V e n t i l a t i o n

Houston artist, Riven recently dropped a project. No Ventilation is from his Purple Ice EP. The track is very emotional; as it has a SadBoyz vibe. Lyrically, it takes you to what seems to be a rough spot in life that many have visited. Ride out to the melancholy vibes. Follow @maitreyagw 

Dallas Clark-Premonitions 2

Dallas Clark is a rapper from North (Nawf) Dallas, Texas. Always having an interest in music he discovered it was his passion at the age of 18 and began developing not only his craft, but love for hip hop. With inspiration from Jay-Z, Lil Wayne,