About Us

We are an entertainment website/ webzine specializing in independent Hip Hop/ RnB/ Alternative/ and Contemporary music and media. Stationed in Houston, Texas, New Houston Music Outlet seeks to broadcast the diverse and eclectic talents of Houston and beyond. Our brand caters to independent artists/ producers, record labels, television, radio, blogs, A&R, and consist of a wealth of talented entities.

We seek to spotlight music that we feel is focused on originality, thoughtfulness, and artistic expression and not to jam more of the same down the viewers’ throats. We are the city’s most prominent outlet for artists to spread their message to the masses through showcases, community events, interactive interviews, cyphers, our channel which continues to grow wildly popular, and much more. Get involved with the New Houston Music Outlet movement. Every voice helps build the momentum of the movement; Houston’s movement.

– @HoustonOutlet