2 Chainz To Create A Wave Soon With Netflix Documentary Series and New Music

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With Drake’s new singles blowing up on the music scene, many more artist are eager to throw some new tunes out. That’s exactly what rapper, 2 Chainz did yesterday! In a little snippet on his IG 2 Chainz showed us that he has some sick beats that are going to drop very soon. Without being too detailed, you see the rapper bouncing and singing along to the music. Surely 2Chainz life is super busy with the Netflix series “Rapture”, about to release on the 30th of March, yet the time to show fans that he hasn’t forgot about them, speaks loud. The rapper mostly known as Hair Weave Killer/Tity Boi has already labeled the new album “Pretty Girls like Trap Music”, and we cant wait for it to be released. With the 4.3 Millions followers between Instagram/Twitter, I’m sure whatever message he is trying to get out will be heard. Sure enough 2018 will be the year for many surprises! To hear the snippet click here

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