Starting Off The Year With A Explosion!- Neck Deep Tour, Houston Texas

Lead Vocalist Ben Barlow

Wednesday January 24th, fans line up for the pop punk band “Neck Deep” for their tour, The Peace And The Panic. This late day show took place at Warehouse Live with opening bands Creeper, Speak Low if you Speak Love, and Seaway.

Starting off the show, Creeper, a horror punk band from Southampton,UK . Formed in 2014, the group features lead vocalist Will Gould, guitarists Ian Miles, Oliver Burdett (who replaced Sina Nemati in 2015), keyboardist and second vocalist Hannah Greenwood, bassist Sean Scott, and drummer Dan Bratton. After the epic performance of Creeper came Speak Low If You Speak Love. This sweet acoustic sound comes from Ryan Graham, who is also the bassist for pop punk band State Champs. If those two bands didnt put the fire in you, then sit back because Seaway is next. Seaway is pop punk band from Oakville, ON. Performing their song “Vacation”, they set the right vibe and pump for the Headliners to take away the show.

Neck Deep delivered a show full of adrenaline, reminiscing, and pure exhilaration. Showcasing songs like “A Part of Me”, “Growing Pains” and many more oldies, the scene remained to be filled with the screams of loving and supporting fans. After the release of the album, The Peace and The Panic, this tour was just what we needed to satisfy our musical needs. Although there was no confetti, or balloons that we usually see with these bands, the exciting scene was more than what we could’ve expected. The audience was astonished with a almost like reboot in the least, to finish the show with their chart topping song, “Where Do We Go When We Go”.

If anything can be said about this show, I would say that our cravings have been satisfied and this line up pulled through the depths and delivered an amazing show to start off the year of 2018!

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