When It All Falls Down, ‘You Were Not Worth Fighting For’ Sings Houston RnB Singer Kemmyé On Latest Single

Kemmyé was born Jessica Robinson an r&b/pop singer-songwriter born in Los Angeles, CA. She was raised in Houston, TX. At a young age Jessica has always been into music performing at talent shows and church events. By the age of 10 she began writing songs as a self-taught individual. We are years in the future, now nearing 2018, the year singer Kemmyé plans to release a new ep. ‘Aint Worth Fighting For’ will be on the upcoming ep. Stream the new track below.

With a title like ‘Ain’t Worth Fighting For’ one could only imagine what the subject matter of the song could be. If you thought something along the lines of literal 808’s and heartbreak, you wouldn’t be so far off. The new track is an upbeat groove that’s a classy infusion of classic hip hop and r&b to jumpstart your heart after a breakup. Kemmyé’s vocals on the track are plush and unwavering, and the angelic hook really catches you, making the song easily recognizable and rememberable. She tells us about her new single, “This song is actually about a woman realizing her boyfriend is cheating on her. Instead of her dwelling in emotional pain she shakes it off by saying he “ain’t worth fighting for “. I wrote this song because of individuals experiences.I wanted to help people who have been cheated on to recover emotionally.” Despite what those personal experiences may have been, we can gladly say that a dope song was the end result.

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