Haunted Houston: Top Creepiest Places In Houston

Welcome to the New Houston Music Outlet’s list of top creepiest places in Houston. We are going to start the countdown off with some popular places you probably have seen or heard of and you might see some of these places a lot differently by the end of this article. I’m going to start this countdown off with a quick personal story of what inspired me to choose this place I am about to name in this countdown. I was coming from downtown Houston on the Southwest Freeway heading toward southwest side of town exiting on Beechnut during prime time traffic , and I came across a strange junction on Beechnut & Gessner. I looked to my right and noticed something really peculiar that I am pretty sure many people have took notice and wondered, “WHY IS THERE A HUGE, RUNDOWN, CREEPY LOOKING MANSION IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HOOD?”

#3 Mansion on Beechnut & Gessner

It makes no sense and it looks really out of place. That’s why this place is #3 on my countdown of strangest places in Houston after the New Houston Music Outlet team did a little research on this house. There has been lots of interesting rumors and conspiracies for decades about this mansion, however we are going to start off with the facts on what we know is true. The mansion was actually built in 1984 and is listed to be currently owned by an elderly man named John Nicholas. He is 74 years old.  We ran a google search for John Nicholas and what came up was, well, take a look below.

This picture freaked me out however this guy may not be John Nicholas, the owner of Gessner mansion and could be a picture of another John Nicholas. Either way, something about this picture definitely strikes me as odd and leaves questions. (Nightmare fuel)

There are two people according to the City of Houston that actually live in this house by the name of H.V Tran & H.K Tran, both around the age of 65 years old. Based on my observations of this house I have noticed that these people are nearly never in this house and people in the Sharpstown-area have claimed that the house has been nearly vacant for many years.

Legend has it that 20 years ago around the 1990s a very rich wealthy middle eastern family moved in to this Gessner mansion. The man of the family was a very successful businessman who owned nearly 20 Stop ‘n Go gas stations all over Houston and lived there with his wife and two kids. One night when everyone was sleeping , the story goes, the wife forgot to turn off the gas stove and everyone suffocated in their sleep. People have claimed that this mansion is haunted and many people that moved to this mansion don’t end up staying very long. There have been stories of people who drive past the house and see shadows in the windows and even the former maid of this middle eastern family has came out saying she had trouble sleeping and went crazy after the family’s death. They say even thieves are afraid of this mansion. Some claim that there’s a portal in one of the rooms to another world. However, I am not stating any of these claims are true but this is just what some people have claimed. Facts or urban legend? Honest testimonies or lying individuals? You decide.

#2 West Oaks ‘phantom walker’

Our next place on the countdown is near good old, classic West Oaks Mall.  People have described seeing a nearly transparent figure wearing white pants and navy Frock coat walking along the intersection of Richmond and Westheimer Road near the entrance West Oaks Mall. The apparition, who is said to be a male with dark, curly hair down to his shoulders, is spotted walking at a steady pace early mornings after 6 AM but never after 7 AM. He walks in a straight line, never appearing fully bodied and usually transparent at the knees down. Some believe this to be the ghost of a Spanish soldier. Skeptical and have a little courage/boredom? Head to the intersection early one morning and let us know if you spot something.

#1 Jefferson Davis Hospital

A lot of controversy has surrounded this very antique hospital located in Houston’s First Ward. A simple Google search would prove this. The hospital was built on top of a Confederate army cemetery in the 1920s and was opened to the public after much debate and controversy. The hospital served the city of Houston for years and was later abandoned when management moved locations. The building sat vacant for many years, decaying so bad it became a major eye-soar to the community. The site of regular break-ins and squatters, adventurous ghost hunters liked to visit this site in hopes of catching some paranormal activity. The Jefferson Davis Hospital has had reports of strange voices, police dogs that are afraid to enter the building during fire alarms, and people that seem to enter rooms and never exit.  In the early 2000s, the building was finally remodeled, renovated and turned into a 34-room loft/ artist community. Today the Jefferson Davis Hospital is a registered historical landmark, but with a shadowy past.

We hope you enjoyed our countdown of top creepiest places in Houston. What do you believe? You can let us know in the comments or tweet us any of your thoughts on these tales. Been to one of the places we’ve listed? Tell us.

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