Artist Melrose Is A Lo-Fi Dream: See His New Visual “Better Off As Friends”

Experimenting in multiple sub genres, artist Melrose is a multi-faceted artist. A little history: Melrose founded musical collective, MISHIMA last year with close friends Jimmy Odara, KC Lavon, and Andre Aston. The group’s cloud rap-y, trap sound and style is peppered with Japanese anime inspirations as well as traces influence from early 2000s metal culture.  In his new visual for “Better Off As Friends”, the young artist gives audiences a glimpse of his DIY approach to his music. He tells us how the song came together out of a fit of boredom one afternoon. “”Better Off As Friends” has a guitar chord progression I had originally written with intent to use for my band. I ended up recording some vocal ideas out of boredom and filled in the words as I proceeded with the track” he tells us.

The new visual is a Hitchcockesque, lo-fi dream, with odd balloons and dark silhouettes. Melrose tells New Houston Music Outlet, ” I wanted something dark, generally slow paced, blots of red, and somewhat suspenseful.” The song and the visual is just as stated. It does a great job of building a huge amount of suspense as the video goes on. Watch Melrose’s music video “Better Off As Friends” above.

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“Without spelling it out completely, the video for “Better Off As Friends” metaphorically showcases the hardship of love, and love lost, however it is up for personal interpretation. “- Melrose

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