Electronic Husband-Wife Duo, CarpoolParty Are “Vapordancing” Across The US. Find Out Why

A funky and fresh love for retro, pseudo nostalgic overtones, and an artful detachment into a pure-pop alternate universe unite the husband/wife, co-producer duo, Carpoolparty. Carpoolparty consists of Greenville natives, Daniel and Mary Olguin. Blending disco, vaporwave, funk and hip hop, the duo commits to a subconscious familiarity moving your body in the form of, Vapordance, a music genre created by Carpoolparty in late 2015. You can find out more about how they created the genre here. With over 40k views on “I Don’t Care Where I Belong” and nearly 1M views on their YouTube channel, its only a matter of time before the band solidifies the genre and more people catch the Vapordance fever.

The video is quite visually stunning as singer/producer Mary Olguin dances across some very scenic and idyllic rural and urban landscapes across the United States, from Western Utah, to St Louis, all the way to Nashville. Elements of Vaporwave are unmistakable in Carpoolparty’s style as sounds from 90s and 80s pop music, along with fuzzy and warm synths and horns can be heard.

As we see in the video, the band has traveled far and wide. Their voyage is seemingly symbolic of the idea of an actual carpool party; traveling many roads, living in the moment enjoying life, love, and musical expression. Now that’s a thought to dwell on.

The dynamic duo is currently carpooling their way across the United States on tour. That’s right, Houston. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Carpoolparty live in Houston, October 21 at Axelrad.

Visit carpoolparty.com for videos, music, and more. PS Their website is a trip.

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