Resurrected From Archives- The First Outlet Live Showcase Reveal; And What A Good Show It Was.

It’s been almost 2 years since Outlet Live began. Today we are looking back at its awesome beginning as some budding young stars made their statements known and some their first television appearances. had just recently launched, and we had been covering the music of most of artists who were shown in the video. This show was the culmination of some of the work we did behind the scenes in collaboration with artists. What we witnessed here was a monster in the making; a seed even that with time continues to grow. Despite that this film was put together on a budget of zero dollars and took a month to put together on a busted laptop, the “star” of every artist cannot be diminished. You can read more about the event here. Don’t forget to subscribe today! Click on times below to skip through scenes.

0:00 Intro /  5:00 Indigo Crimm featuring Bryce Vi$ /  13:00 Backstage with Indigo Crimm

 14:49 Apollo / 21:15 Backstage Interview with Apollo / 24:28 Riven and Friends

 25:08 Cypher the Avatar / 33:22 Backstage with Cypher the Avatar & Mateo Escobar 37:07 Svn

 43:40 The Cypher /  54:35 "I can't even hear myself think."  /  55:30 "I like apple juice." 

56:05 Iguana de Harina  / 1:02:47 Backstage with Iguana de Harina  / 1:05:43 Ready for Dallas Clark (YDLC) 

1:06:20 Dallas Clark /  1:15:56 Backstage with Dallas Clark /  1:18:17 "About to get lit." /   1:19:12 Riven 

1:28:48 Backstage with Riven /  1:30:34 GLDNi  / 1:39:47 Backstage with GLDNi  / 1:42:22 Chris Nero 

1:56:40 Backstage with Chris Nero  / 1:59:02 Closing remarks by Svn, "You CAN!"  /  2:00:42 Outro 

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