Launch Event Of Full Body Accessory Label, Bocaine Ldn for New York Fashion Week


Full body accessory label, Bocaine Ldn launches showroom event for New York Fashion Week at renowned Fancy Pop Up Store.
September 7th, 2017:

As the festivities of fashion week in New York began last week, New Houston Music Outlet was on the site at Bocaine Ldn’s launch event. Founders, Nicole and Sere, told the outlet about originally wanting to start Bocaine Ldn as a women’s lingerie line, but ultimately wanting to create something that could look good on men as well. That is where their plan to create the brand took off. Their idea shifted from creating women’s lingerie that could only be worn underneath clothes, to creating full body accessories to be worn on the top of clothes and could be worn by both women and men.

Models Niah (far left) and Michelle Song (far right) sporting the men’s and women’s wear over their ensembles during the launch event.


Bocaine Ldn’s menswear: Fashion designer, Sere shares she drew some inspiration from trendsetters like A$AP Rocky when designing the menswear. The pieces resemble overalls which can be strapped over any outfit.

Where the industry seems to be lacking in its accessory game, this company rises to the occasion with its leather, full body accessories designed for both sexes. CEO of Bocaine Ldn, Nicole explains that the initial inspiration behind the line came from classical feminism. Designer, Sere adds on to this that she feels men should be able to enjoy provocative clothing just as much as women do without taking away from their masculinity.

As the launch event began Thursday night, Nicole could be seen with Bocaine Ldn’s stylist Kim, preparing the showroom; Sere not too far away. The team who have been in contact for two years, began preparing for the event in April coordinating primarily via FaceTime and Dropbox. Being that the three lived in totally different time zones, Sere shares she remembers making FaceTime calls at 3 am in London. “We had to work around each other’s schedules” Sere tells us. With Nicole in the United States, Kim in Perth, and Sere in London, distance was no barrier. Through all the preparation, what came together for New York Fashion Week was a successful event.

Bocaine Ldn is a full body accessory label. The brand will be selling their products on their website as well as at select stores. You can expect to see more creations from Nicole, Sere, and Kim, as they have told us that they plan to release new items every month which you can view on the site. Be sure to follow Bocaine Ldn on Instagram or even join their mailing list to receive electronic updates from the gang. Check out the photo gallery below to see photos from the event and of guests.


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