Bengii Worth of Dallas Group, JVNLS Drops New Track, “Nash”

New music from Bengii Worth (AKA One Time Bray of the rap group, JVNLS) comes with a new track titled “Nash”. This is a collaboration between fellow Dallas rapper, Stoney The User and producer, Mirage Se-Mier. The distinctive, raspy delivery of Bengii Worth along with the high-pitched, squeaky delivery of Stoney The User make for a very interesting contrast to listen to. Backed by Mirage Se-Meir’s production, “Nash” is a track you might “relapse” on.

Look for new JVNLS music coming soon as well as new music from the pair of Bengii and Mirage Se-Mier.

Stream more from Bengii Worth and the JVNLS here.



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