‘Finding His Own Way’: The Peculiar Case Of Neo Sohl

When one first meets Neo Sohl, they may notice aside from his cool temper and strong facial features that under those prominent features lies something unique: a passion. This is something seen and as well felt through the music of his 2017 release, “History”. History’s fifteen tracks pack a punch and now a few more visuals for the project have been released. Above, we see the visual for “Find My Own Way”, whose title and message speak volumes to the sentiment of many millennials in our country (US) right now; many of whom are fighting to stay afloat in schools, or hustling to ‘make ends meet’ in a dynamic, ever-changing economy. But through it all, we have Neo Sohl quietly uttering, “Got to find my own way”, A realization that many millennials have woken up to.

In the new video we see Neo Sohl trekking down the avenue, his bag hoisted over his shoulder, head held high looking forward toward an unknown destiny, a visual that speaks volumes and compliments the song excellently. Neo Sohl even incorporates mama and papa Sohl for a cameo in the video, as they sit and converse in the park. Spinning image of his parents, Sohl reminds his parents the they can lean on him and he appreciates what they’ve done for him, but it’s time he finds his own way in life. “Find My Own Way” is definitely an inspiring song with an awesome visual to match. This is just one of a batch of visuals released through his VEVO channel, we recommend you take a look at some. If you liked this one, or even the “Ocean Views” one we posted in February, it will be totally worth it.

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