Presenting Clex Nathan ‘s New Tape, “Mr. Winkleman EP”

Stream Clex Nathan – “Mr.Winkleman EP”

Born in Cameroon, moving to Paris, and later to the great state of Texas, Clex Nathan has released his new project, “Mr.Winkleman EP”. The project has an up-tempo, trap influenced, feel-good sound that comes off light-hearted when compared to more harder trap-like genres like drill music. Clex Nathan is crafty with his melodic, remember-able hooks as well as tight production. This catchiness can be appreciated on tracks like, “Henny” and “Plan”. In our chat with Clex, he says the 6-track ep is about the neighborhood and street he lived on.

Clex has a style that is a multitude of influences. Having moved through three continents, as well as being raised in a household where his mother played a lot of classical music and opera, he is a student of different sounds, environments, and cultures. Mr.Winkleman EP was an exploration of primarily trap music with hints of influences not only from Texas. It almost gives you a similar vibe to a lot of 2010’s  trillwave music, further popularized by acts like A$AP Rocky. This only helps magnify the projects coolness and leaves us in wait to see Clex explore further sounds as well as expand on this EP.



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