Stream Horrorcore Rapper Steez’s Single “Devilish”

In some circles known as “Satan”, Houston Horrorcore rapper Steez has been steadily releasing moshpit bangers via Soundcloud. Already racking in views online, Steez’s hardcore delivery and known antics have gotten viewers ready to rage. Steez’s raspy voice meshing with the pounding bassline will make any fan of rage music rave. In our chat with the Houston rapper,when asked about the inspiration behind “Devilish” and his other tracks, Steez explained that troubles in high school along with a hot temper easily find their way into his music.

Speaking of high school troubles, how can we forget his rise to viral fame when he posted a video of himself exposing two girls who lied to him about their identity to get grams.

When asked what he wants listeners to take from his music, he states: “I want my music to be what you hear when you live your movie. If life was a movie and all of us where individually responsible for directing our own film, I would want to be the music that was in every background scene.”

As for future releases, Steez will be releasing a full feature project in Spring that the young artist raves will be not just an album, but an experience. “That’s definitely something you don’t want to miss, its not gonna just be a mixtape or an album, its going to be an experience. A lot of things on there people didn’t know I was capable of, I know I’ve got some beats from way back, that I made that are pure gold. Lots of crazy sample usage, very melodic patches of distortion, but more importantly its gonna be something for the day one fans to enjoy, along with the new ones.”

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