HTX Cypher- Dada, AbstractByCreate, MV, Young Knowledge, Chief Aleel, King Steez,

HTX or HOU? Either Way, The Cypher Is Really Nice.  Submitted to us by Houston emcee, AbstractByCreate, we bring to you the HTX cypher featuring Dada, AbstractByCreate, MV, Young Knowledge, Chief Aleel, King Steez.

As the video states at the end, HTX cypher is the first installment of a series of more to come presented by Dada. As you will watch and hear above, the cypher is plain poetry in motion as these young, aspiring microphone controllers colorfully use their word choice to give listeners a snapshot of what each can bring to the table. Each artists’ verse really builds off of the last artists’, making for great chemistry and cohesiveness. With this being said, the flows are unwavering, the production polished, and the video nicely put together. Definitely look forward to seeing and hearing more from these artists.




King Steez




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