Abdüal’s Fresh out the Box EP is food for thought

After the release of ‘CNFUZD’ we’ve waited for the release of Abdüal’s new EP, ‘Fresh out the Box’. In May 2016, we can say that it’s now here. The six track EP features the hazy single as well as ‘Somethin4theKidz’ which was previously released on Soundcloud.

“I will never be given something that is not for me, whether it’s money or cars or the American dream”. Just one of the raw lines from Abdüal’s track titled the ‘Great Awakening’. The track has a bluesy, funky guitar riff throughout the whole song as he belts a soulful delivery that sounds like he recorded it in a pulpit.

Much of Fresh out the Box EP’s lyrical content is actually ‘heavy’ as the music is fun which makes the project an easy listen. The EP reiterates the state of this country (U.S) and recent happenings leading to the current presidential race; this is highlighted in one of the tracks bearing the same title as the EP. Beautifully, after ‘Fresh Out the Box’ comes ‘Somethin4theKidz’ which ends the project on high note, expressing the Houston bred artist’s positive outlook on how he plans to keep it together in the coming years. Touching on how he got his life together and seeking to help the youth, the track ends the project in a perfect segue to his upcoming tape, ‘The Eat EP’.

If we work together and accept the bigger picture we can build a better future for the youth, me and you.

Houston, are yall listening?

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4 thoughts on “Abdüal’s Fresh out the Box EP is food for thought”

  1. Kween Klarke says:

    This tape by Abdüal was most definitely what you stated in the article, “an easy listen.” i love how Abdüal’s sound is unique, original, if you will. This will most definitely be apart of my summer playlist.
    I speak nothing but greatness and blessings over this artist’s life. Keep inspiring the people, King Abdüal. The youth needs you!

    1. NewHoustonMusicOutlet says:

      Well stated, Kween! Thanks for reading.

  2. Chan chayne says:

    I c u boyyyyyyy!!!

  3. Jaques Jarvis says:

    Fresh, meaningful, soul food, something to actually listen to that can inspire anyone to not only think but do better.

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