Doeman talks Texas Tour, Calls Signing to Jay Z, “Life Changing”, and ‘OBE’

We sat down with Doeman at the Galleria for an interview for your viewing pleasure. Dodi talked with us about his Texas tour (which recently passed), his top music influences, and spoke briefly on his latest project, ‘OBE’.

Doeman’s sound is really a plethora of backpack rap, soul, and trap soul, and very much hip hop. Much like Dodi’s sound, ‘OBE’ is pretty comprehensive, as Doeman covers a lot of ground, as he speaks on the environment he grew up in and the people he is trying to be the voice for. When asked who is the project dedicated to, he responded,

“People around my area, My people really, anybody who understood what I was talking about. It really wasn’t about Doeman but everyone else around me; my homies, my family. They don’t have a f*cking voice so I’m trying to give them one.” 

Doe hits you with some thought provoking tracks, making you feel emotions ranging from hyped to wanting to sit and chill and contemplate life. When one takes a good listen, you will hear the Houston artist take some interesting stances on politics and poverty.

Doeman said in our interview that signing to Jay Z today would be life changing, but he would not sign to a major unless the conditions are right.

“Jay Z signed hella rappers who couldn’t get passed him. Like Beanie Sigel and Memphis Bleek. They all lived in his shadow and I wouldn’t want that. I wouldn’t sign to an actual artist unless it was somebody who would be life changing, like Jay Z now. I wouldn’t sign to a Kendrick because [people] would be like,””Damn, you ain’t better than Kendrick.””

For now Dodi is rocking the independent lane with his label, DYNA Music and is sure to be making waves in the near future. Doeman co-founded DYNA with his life-long friend and business partner, Michael “Mike C” Chavez and partner Sergio Selvera.


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