Yeroc-Copy My Swag

Yeroc is a rapper born and raised in Dallas, Texas and who attends school in Houston. The self-proclaimed  “new age rapper” comes loaded with his eccentric beats and raw bars on this newest snippet of his upcoming ep.


In “Nothing Can Hurt Me,” Chris Nero gets back into the core of rapping again. After two years of making “trendy music,” Chris explores the range of his artistic ability with an amazing beat and his unique outlook on the world. With this being the

‘Finding His Own Way’: The Peculiar Case Of Neo Sohl

When one first meets Neo Sohl, they may notice aside from his cool temper and strong facial features that under those prominent features lies something unique: a passion. This is something seen and as well felt through the music of his 2017 release, “History”. History’s fifteen tracks pack a punch and now a